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About My Club Fitting, Golf Club Making & Golf Teaching

I have had a passion for the game of golf since I was a youngster (many years ago). I have always been intrigued by the unique challenges that the game of golf and our golf clubs present each time we play. One day you play and every thing seems to go pretty good and you are quite pleased with your performance, but the next time out, as we all know, can be very humbling to say the least. Golf is not a game that a person masters and then moves on to something else for a new challenge. Golf is a life long learning experience that everyone from pre-school children, professional golfers and super seniors can keep learning and enjoy for a lifetime.

What has always intrigued me about the game of Golf is the difficulty it presents to us when we try to hit the golf ball and control where it is going as it just sits on a tee or the ground, not moving, waiting for us to hit it???? Unlike baseball, hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer etc. where the ball or object is moving at a high rate of speed and it is normal for these games. My question is why is a Golf ball so difficult to hit and control it’s destination as it just sits there and laughs at us as we struggle to make the golf ball go where we want it to?????

I got into Golf Club Making in 2005 in Phoenix, AZ, when Golfsmith invited me to a half-day, complimentary, Club Making School. In that half-day Club Making School we made a 7 iron and I learned enough to realize that I knew absolutely nothing about golf clubs. Believe me, there is a lot to know about ‘Professional’ Golf Club Making so your customer truly has a custom set of clubs made specifically for him or her. Here are some of the terms that I am sure you have heard many times, but may not know what they all mean.   Loft, lie, bounce, frequency matching shafts, swing weighting, MOI (moment of enertia), COG (centre of gravity), zone profiling shafts, spine aligning, to name a few.

I attended, completed and received my diploma’s for all three of Golfsmith’s Clubmaking Programs in Austin, Texas.

In July 2005, I registered for and attended Golfsmith’s Complete Clubmaker Training Program, then in October 2007 I attended Golfsmith’s Master Craftsman Clubmaking Program and in October 2008 I attended Golfsmith’s Advanced Clubmaking, Club Fitting and Club Repair Program.

After the Clubmaking Courses I attended the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation School in Langley, BC. I was one of the 9 students out of a class of 17 who passed the practical and playing to received my Professional Level III Golf Teaching Diploma.

What I enjoy the most about Club Fitting, Custom Club Making & Teaching Golf is the positive game improvements and confidence that customers enjoy in their golf game because of their Custom made Clubs, thus resulting in shooting lower scores. It is very satisfying to get all of the positive feedback from customers who are now enjoying the benefits of their Custom made Golf Clubs. There is no comparison in the confidence customers have when using ALL of their Custom made Clubs with confidence as compared to only using a few of their ‘off the shelf’, ‘one size fits all’ golf clubs with limited confidence. We know that all professional golfers are Custom Fit and use Custom Clubs made specifically for them. The question is do you think we can improve our game without being Custom Fit and using Custom Clubs made specifically for us to fit our swing speed, loft & lie, length, golfing ability etc. etc? The answer is NO.

Did you know that over 90% of golfer are using Golf Clubs that do not fit them!!!!!