Golf Club Terminology

Most of the Golf Club Making terminology is a bit confusing, but don’t worry about it. I will explain it and show you what it all means, if you want to know, but like I said it is not important for you to know all of this as I will Custom Fit you and make you Custom Made Golf Clubs without you having to know any of this terminology.

What is Loft? Lie? Shaft Flex? Club Length? Bounce? Grip Size? Zone Profiling? Spine Aligning?

What does it all mean and why is it important to me? I will help you understand and explain what is what, when it comes to golf club design, terminology and the benefits of being properly fitted for clubs. I will make sure you understand and can then use this information as an informative guide to help you understand what I am talking about while fitting you and when you hear others using some of these terms.

Please note: There is no substitution for Custom Fitted Golf Clubs made by a Certified Master Craftsman Golf Club Making Professional, which I am. If your goal is to become a better ball striker and be a more consistent Golfer you need to do yourself a huge favor and get Custom Fitted Golf Clubs made for you.

If you have a Professional Custom Club Maker, besides myself, to Custom Fit and Make Clubs for you, I will give you advice on what to ask any Professional Club Maker too make sure you are getting Custom Made Clubs, just call me and I will SHOW you what this all means for Free.

Here are a few Questions to ask any Professional Custom Club Maker

  • Are all of the shafts Zone Profiled & Frequency Matched in your set of Clubs?
  • Are all of the shafts Spine Aligned or Pured and installed accordingly?
  • Are all of the clubs Swing Weighted properly?

If the answer is NO to any of the above questions, you truly are not getting Custom Made Golf Clubs.

Note: If all of the shaft labels are perfectly lined up on top or bottom of the shaft, at address, you are not getting Custom made Clubs. Someone is just buying shafts and installing heads on them.