Q. How much more expensive are a set of Custom Made irons, fairway woods, hybrids, driver and putter versus off the shelf clubs?
A. Custom Made Clubs are no more expensive than brand name off the shelf clubs, but the benefits of Custom Made Clubs are substantial!!
Q. What #1 benefit would I experience by using Custom made Clubs?
A. You will have confidence using all of your Custom made Clubs, instead of having confidence using just a few of your off the shelf clubs.
Q. I am quite tall (6’ 7”)/short (4’ 2”)....are you able to build Custom made Clubs for above average height and shorter players?
A. Yes, of course, I make junior clubs for kids that are two to three years and older as well as people that are 7’ or taller and everyone in between. I make Custom made Clubs for all ages 2 to 102 years and older……..
Q. Do you make Custom made Clubs for Women and Kids?
A. Yes, of course.
Q. Do you have any Certification to qualify you to make Custom made Clubs?
A. Yes, I have attended all three Golf Club Making courses and received all three Custom Club Making diploma’s from Golfsmith Internationals’ training facility in Austin, Texas.
Q. I live in Kamloops, BC, so do I need to be fitted by you personally before I could get you to make me a set of Custom made Clubs?
A. Yes & No. It is always best if I can do a personal club fitting to get the correct lie, swing speed etc. etc. But I do have profile and club fitting forms I can email or send you to fill out. The information on these forms will be enough to enable me to make you a set of Custom made Clubs. The lie of the clubs will be close or perfect, but depending on your swing the lie may need a minor adjustment.
Q. Do your Custom made Clubs come with a bag? If not can you recommend a good golf bag.
A. Like buying any golf clubs, you would need to purchase your golf bag. I can order and you with a golf bag, but that is like sending someone to buy your new luggage. Everyone has a different preference to color and styles and there are numerous choices of golf bags at most sport stores so it is a good idea to check them. As for a good golf bag, there again it is like buying good luggage, you generally get what you pay for.
Q. Do you know anyone who sells Golf Carts?
A. Golf carts (pull type) are available at most sport stores. There are also electric golf carts that you walk behind and steer with a remote control. Then of course there is Golf Cars that you drive, and there are a few different makes and models (Club Car, Yamaha, E-Z-Go, Bennett, just to name a few).
Q. My wife and I are going to Arizona for the winter. Can you provide lessons for us in the USA, if we are near you?
A. Yes, I am certified with the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation and the United States Golf Teachers Federation to teach in Canada and the USA
Q. How long will it take you to make me a set of Custom Made Clubs?
A. It depends if I have the proper shafts, grips and a set of iron heads, wedge heads, hybrid or fairway wood heads, driver head and a putter head, in stock, that are appropriate for you. I have in stock approx. 25 – 30 iron sets, and a good selection of wedge head sets, hybrids head sets, driver heads and putter heads as well as 300 plus shafts and a good selection of grips. If I have to order components that usually takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the supplier and delivery method. The assembly time once the fitting is done, the club heads, shafts and grips are selected and in stock is approx. a week to 10 days.

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