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Jim Chapple Golf – Teaching Academy

My mission as a Certified Level III ‘Canadian Golf Teachers Federation’ (C G T F) Golf Teaching Professional is to provide you with the best golf instruction specifically for your needs to improve your golf game. We all want to be better golfers and we know as people improve their golfing abilities and their scores lower they tend to enjoy the game more. Whether you are a beginner or a low handicapper, my goal is to help you play better golf. Your lessons will be specific to the areas of your game that needs to be improved upon the most.

If you are NEW to golf, no problem, I will teach you in a way that you will enjoy the experience and you will see yourself progressing immediately. It doesn’t matter if you have never even picked up or swung a golf club in your life, all you have to do is give me a call and we will get you started. As being new to golf, I know you will enjoy your first learning experience. The first thing I will teach you is how to properly grip and swing a golf club which is one of the most important steps to becoming a consistent confident golfer. Once you properly learn how to swing a golf club it is much easier to improve your golf techniques. You will find as your golfing ability and confidence improves you will really learn to love and appreciate the game of golf.

Note: If you do not have a set of golf clubs, please call me before you go out and buy a set of clubs “Off the Shelf”. As a Master Craftsman Golf Club Maker, I will give you a FREE personal club fitting so you can make an informed decision on buying a set of Custom Fit Clubs built specifically for your swing and skill level. All new “Off the Shelf” golf clubs need to have the loft, lie and maybe the length checked and adjusted because they are made for “One Size Fits All”. Every individual needs golf clubs that fit them and shafts that match their golf swing and you do not want to try and match your golf swing to the Clubs.

Think of it like this, if two people go in and buy the exact set of “Off the Shelf” golf clubs and one person is 5′ 6″ and the other is 6′ 4″, are the mass produced clubs going to be a good fit for both of these people? The answer is “Absolutely Not”. This is because all “Off the Shelf” golf clubs are mass produced and made to the same loft, lie and length. Therefore it is impossible for everyone to use the same mass produced “Off the Shelf” designed golf clubs and think they are made to fit you.

It is a known fact that 90% of all golfers are using Golf Clubs that are NOT fit for them, (loft, lie, length, spine aligned, etc.), therefore they struggle trying to fit their swing to their golf clubs.

Do yourself a HUGE favour and GET CUSTOM FIT GOLF CLUBS.

Give me a call @ 1-250-787-6780 to make an appointment.

Your Personalized Instruction

I know everyone responds to learning at a different pace and in a different way – therefore all student lessons are designed specifically for them and their needs and not designed as a ‘one fits all’ scenario.     I am a Level III C G T F Golf Teaching Professionals and I will evaluate your skill level and work with you one-on-one to improve your skill and techniques where needed. By working together you and I will work on the areas of your game that needs the most improving and help to improve your game from the tee box to the green. I teach men, women and junior golfers with a choice of private or semi-private/group lessons as I strive to bring enjoyment to everyone who wants to get better at playing the game of Golf.

I use Various Technology Systems

I use different kinds of launch monitors and swing analyzers to supply the necessary data of your golf swing to help us work on the areas of your swing that require adjustments and improvement. I also use other training aids, teaching devices and techniques that will help to improve your golf game. In my golf lessons I use a combination of personal one on one instructions and game improving technology designed specifically for each student.

Jim Chapple Golf – Teaching Academy Advantage

As a Certified Level III C G T F Golf Teaching Professional, I guarantee that I can help you with any problem you are having with your golf game. I will help you improve your course management to lower your scores. You will learn to play smart golf and eliminate trying high risk shots that you only make a small percentage of the time. These shot generally turn a birdy or a par into a bogey or double bogey.
The one problem that most golfer have is slicing the ball which loses distance of your shot but this is an easy problem to fix with just a couple of changes to your set up and swing.

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