Shaft Flex

  • Is a measurement of how much a shaft will bend under a certain load and is directly related to the ball trajectory, distance and ball spin.
  • The proper shaft flex for your swing speed and tempo will optimize trajectory and distance of your shots.
  • The Flex Charts below are for consistent carry yardages and does NOT include roll.
  • Use the Flex Charts below to determine the proper shaft flex.



Distance Hit with a Driver
(Carry Distance Only)
Recommended Flex
Less than 180 Yards Ladies Flex
From 181-200 Yards Senior Flex
From 200-235 Yards Regular Flex
From 236-285 Yards Stiff Flex
Greater than 285 Yards Extra-Stiff Flex
Club Used from 150 Yards Recommended Flex
4 or 5 iron Ladies Flex
5 iron Senior Flex
6 iron Soft Regular Flex
7 iron Regular Flex
7 or 8 iron Mid Flex
8 iron Stiff Flex
9 iron Extra-Stiff Flex