Chip & Run

chiprunHow to play a chip and run like the Pro’s

Choose the right club.  For most players a chip and run shot is best executed with a mid-iron like a 6, 7, or 8 but you can experiment with other clubs in your bag as well.  Just keep in mind the higher the loft the more the ball will carry and the less it will roll.

Tilt the Club Slightly up on the Toe. 

To position your club properly for a good chip and run shot you need to tilt the club up on it’s toe, and also address the ball toward the toe of the club.  This will help you establish the right body position for the shot and make it harder to break your wrists during the swing. You do not want to use any wrist action on the Chip shot.

Hit it like a putt. 

Once you’ve positioned your club properly you’ll want to make a smooth pendulum stroke with your shoulders – just like hitting a putt!  The extra loft on the club will pop the ball up in the air and then it will land softly and roll out to the target.

It doesn’t take much practice to master this simple shot, and once you do you’ll find it much easier to get up and down around the greens in many different situations.