Shaft Length

  • A taller player may require longer clubs and a shorter player may require shorter clubs than standard length.
  • In most cases your skill level will dictate the need for adding or reducing the length of your clubs.
  • A longer driver does not increase driving distance for most players.
  • Proper putter length (32″–36″) is based on a golfer’s posture and hand position at address.
  • Use the chart below to determine the standard club length.

Having the proper golf club length is a key ingredient to being able to make a good golf swing. Clubs that are too short or too long will decrease your ability to rotate and properly transfer your weight during the swing. It could also cause you to ground the club too early if they are too long or top the ball if they are too short. It is a common misconception that having a longer club will increase your distance. While the laws of physics would indicate this to be true, it only works for those golfers who have the ability to control a longer club. Most average golfers will only end up spraying the ball all over the place with longer clubs. Even the pros will not sacrifice control for distance, and many actually use a driver that is a bit shorter than what is standard. Only those guys who participate in the Long Drive competitions are using drivers with excessively long lengths, (48” max) as they are more concerned with distance than with consistent control.

Men’s Standard Club Lengths

(Women’s Standard Club Length:  – 1”)

Club Length
Driver 45″
3 wood 43″
15 degree hybrid 40½”
18 degree hybrid 40″
21 degree hybrid 39½”
4 iron 38½”
5 iron 38″
6 iron 37½”
7 iron 37″
8 iron 36½”
9 iron 36″
PW 35½”
AW 35½”
SW 35½”