Determining and Selecting Your Lie Angle

Lie angle is the angle the club shaft makes with the ground when you HIT the ball and your club head is parallel with the ground.

LIE ANGLE facts:

  • A Lower lie angle than standard is considered a Flat lie angle.
  • A Greater than standard lie angle is considered an Up Right lie angle.

Lie angle has a Greater impact on short irons than long irons, making lie angle a Major factor of accuracy in short irons and a Minor factor of accuracy in your long irons, fairway woods & driver.

For most Players…

Standard lie angles on most irons will be approximate. To determine if lie angle adjustments are necessary for your irons, refer to the chart below to determine your wrist to floor measurement.

Determine your wrist to floor measurement…

While wearing your golf shoes or street shoes stand on the floor with your normal posture, looking straight ahead, and have your arms hanging in a relaxed position by your sides.


Have someone measure from the major crease in your wrists to the floor on both hands and adjust yourself if necessary to make both wrist measurements the same. (by measuring both wrists to floor this will determine if you have a tendency to lean left or right in your normal posture)

This is your wrist to floor measurement. Now look up your lie angle on the chart below.

Your Height

Wrist to Floor 4’ 10” to 5’ 6” 5’ 6” to 6’ 2” 6’ 2” to 6’ 7”
40″ 3 Upright 3 Upright
39″ 3 Upright 3 Upright 2 Upright
38″ 2 Upright 2 Upright 2 Upright
37″ 2 Upright 2 Upright 1 Upright
36″ 1 Upright 1 Upright Standard
35″ Standard Standard Standard
34″ Standard Standard Standard
33″ Standard Standard Standard
32″ Standard 1 Flat 1 Flat
31″ 1 Flat 2 Flat 2 Flat
30″ 2 Flat 2 Flat 3 Flat
29″ 3 Flat 3 Flat

The importance of the proper lie angle for your set of clubs is crucial to your success. I can check your swing and set your clubs to the proper lie angle for you. Please note that lie angle can only be adjusted on irons and some Hybrids.


Woods Standard Lie Angle
1 50.0 deg
2 55.5 deg
3 56.0 deg
4 56.5 deg
5 57.0 deg
6 57.5 deg
7 58.0 deg
Irons Standard Lie Angle
1 56.0 deg
2 57.0 deg
3 58.0 deg
4 59.0 deg
5 60.0 deg
6 61.0 deg
7 62.0 deg
8 63.0 deg
9 64.0 deg
PW 64.0 deg
SW 64.0 deg

Note: The above is for Men’s Standard. For Women’s Standard subtract one degree.